Use Best Testing Strategies To Measure The Quality Of Pet Bottles

Use Best Testing Strategies To Measure The Quality Of Pet Bottles

Measure The Quality Of Pet Bottles

Various testing equipments are used in PET industries nowadays to fulfill the requirement of packaging. The PET products are used on a large scale in different industries as compared to the traditional packaging materials like aluminum cans, metal products, plastic bags, etc.

Additionally, these bottles and containers are stronger and durable in nature as compared to that of conventional packaging products. The PET bottles have acquired a wide space in packaging industries as it is considered as the best medium to safety pack the products. Therefore, the manufacturers in PET industry must produce only high-quality and highly standardized products to offer best quality of PET products to the customers as it is used in all critical industries like medicines, chemicals, food items and carbonated beverages where there is no room for the defects. If the quality of the Preforms & PET bottles is compromised, it can cause major problem in terms of safety for the consumers.

Testing Solution to Detect the Defects in PET Bottles

The quality of the PET products can be ensured by following quality testing procedures and high-quality testing equipments. The testing devices that are majorly used in the laboratories of PET industries which include Bottle Burst testerVacuum Leak testerTorque tester and many more.

Use of Bottle Burst Tester in PET Industries

Bottle Burst tester is widely used to test the amount of internal pressure a bottle can tolerate when filled with carbonated and gaseous liquids. The carbonated liquids inside the bottles can sometimes burst the bottles. Hence, the manufacturers must test the bursting strength of the bottles using high-quality of Bottle Burst Tester. To perform the test with bottle burst tester, bottles are filled with highly pressurized carbonated liquid that creates sufficient amount of pressure inside the bottles and tends the bottles to burst.

Apart from Bottle burst tester, there are various testing devices which are used to measure the quality of the PET products like Moisture AnalyzerTop load testerSecure Seal tester and many more. These instruments are used to test the properties of the bottles to ensure the quality of the bottles so that high-quality of the products should be delivered to the clients.

Presto Stantest is one of the leading Bottle Burst Tester Manufacturer. The entire range of PET & Preform testing instruments that are provided by Presto is designed as per the standards of ASTM, BIS, ISO, etc. The testing machine offers highly accurate test results.