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Get Standard Assessment for PET Bottle Burst Value

PET bottle assessment for Burst Value is a vital step to consider when you are manufacturing bottle for carrying the quality assurance. The bottles which carry water, or any kind of beverage must exhibit a little bit of strength or resistance against internal pressure. The bottle material made using PET polymer is manufactured using the blow moulding technique and is stretched under pressure. Equipments like Digital bottle burst tester is used for assessing the burst value as per known and considered standard.

The bottle burst value tester is equipped with a microprocessor base digital controls. This digital display is used to have an accurate test read out in case of ongoing test process. Has a pressure hold technique and separate area to show the pressure held inside. The digital timer will mention the time period for which the bottle survived the pressure.

The clamping mechanism offers a high-quality durable barrel inside which bottles are clamped. The containers of various shapes and sizes are suitable for testing using the test machine. The target of the test is to evaluate the amount of pressure at which the bottle material fails to further expand and burst out to fail.

Complies with C147-86 (2015) standard for delivering precision at test. The pressure is controlled using pneumatic controls. This ensures zero chances of errors which can be introduced by manual handling. The pressure hold facility is automated and frees up the user from recording the pressure value.

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