Check Whether your PET Bottles Maintain High Quality

Check Whether your PET Bottles Maintain High Quality

In this decade, the PET bottle packaging has a wide usage due to its properties such as light weight, non-reactive, recyclability etc. It is used in production verticals to fill carbonated drinks, medicines, chemicals etc. As pet bottles can be recycled completely, they are beneficial to increase the shelf life of the products. It is of great demand by the manufacturers in various industries as the best means of packaging as it maintains the quality of contents inside. It is also very flexible in nature and can be found in many sizes as per the requirement of the customer.

Many properties can be determined to measure the quality of the PET bottles like section weight analysis, wall thickness, strain distribution, transparency etc. Section weight analysis is the most efficient test method to check the material distribution in PET bottles. This is done to analyse the equal distribution of material all through the bottles equally with respect to the bottle’s size and diameter. The analysis of weight for each section is done by cutting the bottle in three sections by not affecting the original shape of the bottles. PET Bottle Cutter is the device to cut the bottles into sections.

The cause for bad balancing is the weight of various sections of the bottles which may not be in the correct proportion that leads to tripping of bottles frequently. Manufacturers face this problem very often. So, how can you solve this problem? Section weight analysis should be performed by the manufacturers that helps the user to weight each section of bottle individually.

For perfect and error free cutting of PET products, Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is used in every industry. It is a highly accurate machine to calculate material distribution in all the section to determine the mechanical properties of the bottles. The bottle packaging departments of various industries transmit the bottles from one place to another. Single damage can spoil a whole lot of packaged bottles. So, there is a need to test the quality of these bottle packaging before its final delivery to the customers.


Hot wire bottle cutters are the choice of every manufacturer in PET industries to check the strength of the bottles easily. It is easy to use and is a very cost-efficient machine that provided quick cutting of PET bottles without deforming the edges of the sections of the bottles. It is one of the highly standardise devices which are designed according to international standards.