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Test the Quality of PET Bottles

The PET products are renowned in many industry and used for packaging purpose. They are used to deliver a protective packaging for distinct industries like, cough syrups and nutritional tonic, in pharma industry, fruit juice, and milk in beverage industry, and liquid detergent, acid, chemical and other solution like vinegar in domestic and chemical industry.

The PET bottles are not only material wise good but also exhibit many features like no reaction with a wide range of chemicals for a long time period. They are very light in weight. The manufacturers find them cost effective and the production process is simpler compared to other packaging material. The PET bottles are the easiest when its manufacturing is concerned. The blow moulding procedure is not a difficult task when it is PET material.

The bottle vacuum leak tester is a unique testing machine for evaluation of leak integration of bottles. The tester is used to evaluate the vacuum leak of the PET bottles. The instrument is controlled by digital operation and feather touch button are there to set the testing parameters. The machine is very much advance and accurate as it can detect the slightest changes in vacuum pressure inside and outside bottle.

The PET bottles are placed inside the desiccator and the testing pressure is fixed as per the testing requirements. The bottle if have any minute leak it will be easily detected. The bottles must have high-quality as many customers are depended over the same. The leak in bottles can even lead to dangerous situations. The manufacturer must establish such testing equipment for evaluation the property in high pressure conditions.

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