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PI Tape

Presto’s PI tape gauge is easy to use a testing instrument that easily measures the diameter of a cylindrical item in one quick measurement. The instrument is made from high strength steel. The PI tape is specially designed to work in the plant or laboratory environment and provides years of reliable services. The testing machine is available in either English or Metric units.

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    • The standard width of the machine is ¼” gage (other widths are also available on customer demand)
    • The machine offers vernier scale support for dividing each and graduation on tape body in 25 parts of 0.01 inch each.
    • Material: High Strength Steel
    • Diameter: 20-300 mm
    • Circumference: 60-950 mm
    • Least Count: 1 mm
    • Measurement Units: mm
    • Measurement: Visually on Scale

    • It is a widely used instrument for measuring thin/soft walled parts.
    • It offers quick and accurate process for reading diameters of round type containers.
    • The instrument comprises of a narrow metal ribbon that elements special graduations that permit conversion of circumferential distance to diameter measurement.
    • The instrument is supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to NABL approved labs.
    • Offers a quick and accurate process for reading diameters of round and cylindrical items.
    • Suitable for measuring thin/soft walled parts.
    • Made from High Strength Steel.

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