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Balloon Burst Tester

BBT - 600

Presto Balloon Burst Tester is specially designed to test the seal integrity of the flexible packings. The test specimen is sealed from 3 sides whereas has an open side to inject the pressure. To perform the test, the machine simply starts injecting the pressure to a certain limit. The sample is then hold in this position for certain time. During this time, and leaks or deformity in the sealed edges are observed. Also, it has been assessed that for how long, the packet is able to bear the pressure. If during the test, the seals start to leak or packet bursts during the test, the sample is considered as failed.

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The machine is called balloon burst tester because it blows up the test sample like a balloon. The pressure of the machine can be easily altered depending upon the test requirements. This test is gaining popularity in flexible packing industry as it tells a lot about the quality of the packet. It is equipped with a nozzle to burst the pressure inside the packet. The machine is designed with auto clamping feature. This assures that there is no slippage during the test, when pressure is being applied to the sample. The machine is designed in a way to reduce the human interference to the minimum. This assures more accurate results. Presto’s Balloon burst tester gives high precise results with high repeatability.

    • Capacity : 10 kg/cm²
    • Specimen Clamping : Pneumatic
    • Least Count/Resolution : 0.01Kg/cm2
    • Display : LED (Digital)
    • Accuracy : ± 1% within 10% to 90% of entire range as per IS : 1828 with master gauge
    • Clamp Area : 500mm width
    • Nozzle Dia meter : 6.5 outer, 4.1 inner
    • Pressure Sensor : Pressure Transducer
    • Power : 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Upper & lower jaw gap : 40mm
    • Test Range : 21Kg / cm to 38 Kg / cm 2

    • In built pressure control system
    • Havel grey and blue powder coating with bright zinc plating to corrosion prevention
    • Capturing of peak hold value
    • Calibration lock and key feature
    • Auto clamping for zero slippage
    • Mild steel body for long shelf life
    • In built memory to log up to 9 test values
    • One touch operation for easy functionality
    • Feather touch control button for smooth operation

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