Quality Of Bottle Cans & Plastic Bottles Using Bottle Burst Tester

Inspect The Quality Of Bottle Cans And Plastic Bottles Using Bottle Burst Tester

The PET bottle cans and plastic bottles manufacturing process are becoming competitive day by day. To fulfill the requirements of a vast number of customers at the same time, the production is done in bulk. This has enhanced the number of production errors which makes the production error costly. To enhance the productivity and efficiency while remaining competitive, many companies are relying upon testing instrument to inspect the quality of the products at every level of production.  To fulfill the requirement of Bottle Can and Plastic Bottle Inspection, Presto Stantest offers high-quality of PET and Preform testing instruments like Bottle Burst Tester, Vacuum Leak Tester, wall thickness gauges, Bottle Perpendicularity Tester and many more. One of the best testing instruments which are used to measure the quality of the PET products is Bottle Burst Tester.

How can PET bottles be tested using Bottle Burst Tester?

The manufacturers in PET & Preform industries must test the quality of the products efficiently before offering the products to the customers using the best quality of testing equipments. To measure the bursting strength of the PET bottles, Bottle Burst tester is the best testing instrument. To perform the test efficiently using bottle burst tester following steps are followed:

  • Bottles are subjected to sufficient amount of pressure with air and water in the testing device.
  • Pressure is provided to the sample until the bottle fails or the limits of the test are met.
  • The bursting tester is programmed in such a manner that it can efficiently gauge the strength of the bottle and records the result of maximum pressure at which the bottle bursts.

It is the best testing instrument which is widely used in all the testing laboratories of PET & Preform industries to gauge the burst strength of the bottles. Consult our experts, to know more about the product.