Box Compression Tester (BCT)

Box Compression Tester (BCT)

Presto’s Box Compression Tester is used to determine the compression strength or stacking potential of cartons, paper tanks, beehive crates, paper cases, etc. It is designed specially to calculate the compression strength of the box and the weight ra...


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Conducting Precision based Vacuum Leak Test on Pouches

Conducting Precision based Vacuum Leak Test on Pouches

In most bundling procedures that include foil as the last hindrance to dampness, oxygen, and light there is a worry about the frequency of punctures in the foil. These punctures can be made as the foil is being come in dainty sheets when particles ar...

Calculate Wall Thickness of PVC Pipelines at Faster Rate

Calculate Wall Thickness of PVC Pipelines at Faster Rate

There are a wide scope of sizes of PVC pipe. Some are little, at 1/2″, anyway others are huge at 12″. The issue is that what the business calls a 1″ pipe isn’t generally 1″ in estimation. In light of this jumbling issue,...

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Presto Testing Instruments

presto-building Presto Stantest is a popular name in the field of Testing Equipments. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with more than 30 years of experience. Latest technologies, latest softwares and systems are engaged by the company to provide parallel quality and reliable testing machines.

Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. is an Asia’s premier testing and quality control manufacturer with pan presence. Since its commencement in 1983, it has been growing in its area of work and has showcased some of the world class and user-friendly testing instruments...

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We want to compliment you for the products and services you offer. Your responsiveness to the customer queries is commendable and the way you conduct business is an example of customer driven approach.

Thanks for your excellent and continued support. We wish you all the best.

We highly recommend your products and services to others in the industry.

Rajesh kumar Tanvar
Deputy Manager - Quality

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