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Moisture analyzer is an ideal instrument used to measure moisture and the amount of dry mass as well as the consistency of fixed and volatile substances with high accuracy. The testing instrument is highly used in the industrial sector to analyze adhesive materials, woods, mass, dusts for the production and control of materials. The measuring system of moisture analyzer is integrated with all the advanced properties of modern balance. In addition to this, Presto offers an extensive range of testing machines for moisture determination.

Presto’s Moisture Analyzer is fitted with halogen heating with precision weighing technology to effectively, quickly and accurately assess moisture content of the test sample under the test procedure. It is perfect for chemical, pharmaceutical and research industries for getting accurate and consistent results.

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Moisture Analyzer MB-45 is a unique product used in labs and in production units for following quality control measures. The instrument is equipped with a round halogen lamp along with ramped voltage that permits uniform heating of test specimen to 200 degree Celsius. The round lamp mounted in the machine ensures better accuracy by heating the test specimen consistently with controlled voltage that enhance to lamp efficiency and directly enhances the life of the bulb.

  • It offers quick and easy procedure for testing.
  • It also provides multiple ventilation options that suit many moisture analysis applications.
  • It is inbuilt with 50 drying programs in memory that enhances efficiency.
  • It offers accurate temperature programming that provides high quality results.

    • The instrument has a different capacity of 25gm, 35gm and 45gm with the least count of 0.001gram.
    • Repeatability (Std. Dev.): 0.05% (3 gram sample), 0.015% (10 gram sample).
    • Moisture range can vary from 0.01% to 100% and 0.01% to 100% for regain mode.
    • It incorporates halogen heating.
    • The timer on the instrument shows 1 to 150 minutes.
    • The temperature range of the machine can be set from 500 C to 2000 C in 10 C increments.

    • Versatile for continuous operations in beverage and food industries and many more.
    • Some selected drying parameters and drying profiles of the instrument provide greater test flexibility for end users, hence, save cost and time.
    • The machine has integrated database that stores 50 drying procedures along with statistical analysis.
    • It is integrated with very powerful software that eradicate the requirement to process and to maintain data outside the moisture balance.

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