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M 90

M 90 Moisture Analyzer is used for testing moisture content in substances. Suitable for products like pharmaceutical substances, plastics, foods, paper, corrugated sheets etc. It uses Halogen heating method which delivers uniform heating sample leading to precise and faster results. Has a touchscreen display screen having an icon-based menu navigation system for controlling test operations and monitoring both. The machine is said to be the rarest combination of accuracy and speed.

The user can perform repeatable and multiple tests with a distinct form of samples faster with high accuracy in results. Cleaning the device is very easy with tool-free cleaning feature. All the components are easy to remove and assemble. To match distinct criteria of the distinct sample, it provides two heating profiles – Fast & Standard. Additional to this, the user can also choose from three types of timing modes including Manual, Timed or Auto. You can also connect your PC with the machine using USB and RS232 Ports.

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    • Has a Capacity of 90 g.
    • Deliver 0.01%/0.001 g Readability of test values.
    • Offers Repeatability at the rate of 0.18% (3 g sample) and 0.02% (10 g sample) (Std. Dev).
    • Have a Moisture Range of 0.01% to 100% (0.01% to 1000% for regain mode).
    • Test Output can be extracted using RS232, USB Host, and USB Device.
    • Uses Halogen as the Heating Element.
    • Works within a Temperature Range of 40–200 °C.
    • Power Input used by the device is 120 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz.
    • Operating Temperature Range falls within 50 –104 °F/10–40 °C.
    • Equipped with 4.3 in/109 mm, QVGA, TFT touch screen Display screen.

    • Halogen heating allows multiple tests with faster speed and ensures high precision.
    • Has a Tool-free Cleaning feature which allows Easy Maintainenece.
    • Has a Touchscreen display with the icon-based menu-driven navigation system.
    • Two drying profiles including fast and Standard mode.
    • There is three-Test duration mode like Manual, Timed and Auto.
    • PC connection is allowed with USB and RS232 Ports.
    • Has additional features such as ABS top housing, Pan made of stainless steel, in-use cover, a memory which can store up to 2 methods and 100 test results per method, user-friendly guide, and 13 operational languages for user ease.

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