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Lab Supply Testing Instruments in Indonesia

Presto Stantest is a leading name and known as the best manufacturer of the testing equipment. The factors that make our testing machines in Indonesia unique are the quality and accuracy. We have the wide range of devices for different production houses such as paper and packaging industry, plastic industry, textile industry, paint industry, color measurements, rubber industry and almost for every manufacturer, suppliers, and exporter who are encouraged to supply the high-quality products. Our testing instruments have created a long chain of customers that is built on the trust and reliability. There are more than 5500 companies trusting the testing devices by Presto. We use latest technology and features to keep our machines up to date as per the latest market trends.

Presto has a team of experts and with the best efforts of the team, we are supplying the entire range of testing equipment in Indonesia. We have highly experienced team of professionals and experts for providing the high-quality machines. We have 24x7 customer care facility to solve any issue or query related to the testing devices. The quality products can only be assured by using the best testing devices. Our machines are efforts of the teammates and their experience about the equipment. We provide the best lab testing equipment for performing the research work. Besides providing the best machines, we also suggest the useful items as per the need of the specific industry. Our machines creating an environment of quality and we are continuously working for the delight of our customers so that people only think of Presto when buying a quality testing instrument.