How Burst Value Of Pet Bottles Is Calculated With Bottle Burst Tester?

How Burst Value Of Pet Bottles Is Calculated With Bottle Burst Tester?

The PET bottles are widely used for packaging in different industries. The quality and properties of the PET bottles make them perfect for different packaging options. When the PET bottles are filled with any product, there is a huge amount of pressure exerted on them from inside. This can cause the bursting of the bottles and cause damage to the products inside the bottles. The manufacturers of PET bottles need to test the strength of the PET bottles by measuring the burst value. The burst bottle tester offered by Presto is one of the best testing instrument that gives an exact analysis of the strength of the bottles with great accuracy. The instrument uses high-pressure air instead of liquid to get more accurate data.

Highlights of Presto’s Bottle Burst Tester


  1. The machine works on standard air connection for pneumatic pressure.
  2. Hydraulic controls are used for controlling air pressure.
  3. The instrument also has USB connectivity for test data transfer.

Technical Specification of Presto’s Bottle Burst Tester

  1. The instrument operates on a 7 bar compressed air connection.
  2. There is a unique self-calibration feature in the instrument.
  3. The instruments I provided with steel casing for the safety of the users.

With the help of bottle burst tester, the manufacturers of PET bottles can easily ensure that their products have the best strength and can bear the pressure that will be exerted on them during filling. The hydraulic controls and digital readout help the users in the clear reading of the test finding with great accuracy.