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Conduct New-Generation Torque Test for Caps and Closures

Caps are an important part of Bottle Packaging industry as they seal the top opening of a bottle or container. However, many manufacturers don’t take them seriously which lead to poor sealing condition and content leakage. They also require to be tested under multiple test conditions so that the closure’s quality can be assured. Torque test for caps and closures is one of the most vital tests of all. It is carried out using high-tech Torque Testing InstrumentsThe test reveals the amount of torque force one must apply to open and close the container closure. With the evaluation of a specified amount of torque, one can compare the quality with the standard requirement and can also pass or fail the inspected sample easily.

To conduct such high-profile testing, you must use precisely designed Digital Torque TesterWorks upon complete digital controls, the machine offers semi-automated performance for higher accuracy. The bottle is clamped using anti-slippage holders from the base and operator rotates the cap to open and close. The torque applied will be noted automatically in digital format. The digital display area also records Peak and Tare value during the test. The repeatable test can be conducted for accurate readings. Inbuilt calibration facility installed for the automated calibration process. Assures highly precise measurement of torque with any condition. Offers highly flexible and adjustable clamping mechanism. Suitable for a wide range of bottles.

The Digital Torque Tester allows the operator to read out the test data on the screen at any lighting condition with LED sets. Up to 9 sample test record can be saved in the memory. Equipped with a safety pin to ensure no additional torque force is recorded. Torque test for caps and closures can be a hassle-free experience with precision testing equipment like this.

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