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Torque Testing Instruments

Torque is a procedure of twisting a test material in a specific manner and with a specific force to a specific degree until the sample fracture with Torque. This twisting strength used to perform a Torque test is applied to the samples by holding one end of the specimen tightly so that it will not rotate or move from its place. To rotate the sample on its axis, moments are applied to the specimen from the other end.

Objective of Torque test:
The main objective behind the Torque test is to compute the mechanical behavior of a material and to check the effect of Torque forces and applied moments on the material that causes stress on the axis of the material. With the help of Torque test various measurement values can be computed like yield shear strength, fatigue life, modulus of elasticity, ductility, ultimate shear strength, etc. These values are quite similar to each other in one or another way but are not equivalent to those which are measured by tensile test.

Materials that can be benefited with Torque test
There are many materials that get benefited with Torque testing in different applications. Materials used in automotive applications, biomedical and structural applications are best examples of materials widely used to perform Torque testing. These materials are made up of plastics, polymers, metals, woods, composites and ceramics widely used in the form of tubes, wires, fasteners and rods.

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