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Tensile Testing Machine Computer Based -Zeus Ultimo

TTM-D (C) Zeus Ultimo

Tensile testing is very crucial part of every manufacturing process. An outward pull is applied on the sample to test its resistance against physical stress. The sample might elongate, fracture or rupture. Depending upon the properties of the sample, the behaviour is observed. Having an efficient machine to perform the test is equally crucial.

Presto’s tensile testing machine comes with many features that simplifies the testing process and data management very easy. Zeus Ultimo is a digital and computerised model that allows two-way communication between computer and machine. The machine can be controlled easily using a computer and data can be logged and transferred with much an ease.  Apart from that it can be used for both compression and tension testing. This machine is widely used in different industries like rubber, textile, plastic, etc. The machine has double lead screw arrangement for firm movements of the plate having jaws. The precision and accuracy is very high. The machine gives repeatable results which are very important for any industry.

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