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TP310 Portable Color Measurement


TP310 is an amazing color measurement instrument introduced by Testronix which has produce the benefits of 10 more conventional imported range of color measurement instruments which has successfully qualified 10000 tests and used many ground-breaking technologies. It is an advanced version of TP300. The instrument offers highly accurate, stable and exquisite results and is very affordable.

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The Best And Most Preferred Instrument For better management of maintaining Color Quality

TP310 is a high quality based very portable measuring device which is equipped with international multiple color sensors that offer more firm IC platform along with accurate and efficient algorithms to advantage users with fast and accurate management techniques and applications. TP310 is designed with humanized operations and using ergonomics, which is designed for a large number of patents.  Testronix maintains independent research and technology innovation, which is different in color measurement fields. It is a most convenient color measurement instrument which is highly preferred by the customers.


    • The portable color measurement device comprises of 8o / d.
    • The machine provides LED Blue light excitation sources.
    • It is equipped with a silicon photodiode array type sensor.
    • The measuring Aperture of the instrument is Φ8mm flat aperture and Φ4mmtip aperture.
    • The machine provides a wide range of color space which includes Yellowness & Whiteness color fastness CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b* CIEXYZ CIERGB CIEL*u*v* CIEL*C*h
    • The instruments work on following color difference formulas: △E*ab △L*a*b* △E*C*h* △ECIE94 △E hunter.
    • Moreover, the amazing device observes the object in various lights, namely D65 and D50 A.
    • It is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery of 3.7V @3200 mAh.
    • The maximum lamp life of the machine is 5 years, which indicates that 1.6 millions of measurements can be done with the device.
    • It has a USB interface.
    • The capacity of the device memory is to store the results of maximum 20000 Samples.
    • Some optional accessories that are provided with the instrument on customer demand: Miniature thermal Printer.

    • Provides Foremost Design with suitable and easy Operation
    • Offers constant measuring performances
    • Flexible and precise locating
    • Best measurement methods
    • The PC software provided with the device offers additional functions
    • Superior power supervision Design

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