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Scratch Hardness Tester – Hand Operated

Presto’s Scratch hardness tester is an effective tool used to perform tests related to scratch resistance under a specified load. It can be used for diversified products like lacquers, varnishes, and paints. The tester is recommended mainly for paint and plating industry and designed especially for small laboratories where continuous quality control tests need to be conducted.

Hardness can be explained as a material’s resistance to permanent deformation. In the coating industry, this measurement can be used to measure the resistance of the coating to scratch from normal wear and tear and also if the coating is fully protected. The term Hardness is used to explain the various properties of material, namely – Resistance to scratch & wear and Resistance to penetration.

As per the requirements, these are different methods for measuring hardness. Some of them are used for measuring coatings, and others are used to test various bulky materials like plastics, metals, elastomers and rubbers.

The test procedure for laboratory testing equipment is carried out by testing a sample at a specified load on the needle or by enhancing the weight to conclude the minimum load at which the coating can be pierced. It is a highly reliable and durable instrument. The testing instrument conforms to ISO standards and available with conformance certificate along with instruction manual.

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    • As suggested by the name, it’s a hand operated model.
    • The instrument is available with various weights of 500g, 300g and 200g.
    • The Capacity of the machine is 1 Kg. (Higher Capacity is also available on request)
    • Size of sample: 130*70 mm
    • Diameter of Needle: 1 ± 0.05 mm
    • Length of travel of finger: 100 ± 8 mm
    • Power: 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase

    • Easy changeability of weights.
    • Provides accurate results.
    • It requires single phase power of 220-240V AC and 50Hz.
    • It ensures highly safe and convenient operations.
    • Hand operated oscillating arm with Teflon rollers for noise free movement
    • Highly accurate test results under uniform load and specified diameter.
    • Equipped with Teflon rollers to minimize friction
    • Uniform load by weights on needle for evenness in testing
    • Firm holding of Test sample by Steel Clamping pins
    • Geared system for oscillating arm movement
    • Instant braking system
    • Light Indicator for sample failure notification

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