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Ensure The Strength Of The Torque Of Pet Bottles With Torque Tester

PET Bottles has made their place in today’s era of packaging as they are extensively used to pack various types of products like beverages, food items, chemical, and pharmaceuticals. It is necessary to give great importance to the quality and the strength of the PET Bottles so that they could offer better safety to the products that are present in the containers. If the PET containers are not up to the mark in terms of quality, it will directly affect the quality and freshness of the products. The major problem that arises with the PET containers is the inferior quality of the bottle caps or lids that easily get opened at the time of storage, transportation and warehousing.

A torque is an ideal testing equipment that tests the integrity of the caps of the PET bottles and jars. It gives the maximum amount of the force which is required to open the caps of the PET containers. At the time of testing, the bottles are placed between the clamps or jaws with a load sensor. Now the torque of the bottle is opened with manual efforts to measure the maximum strength required to open the torque of the bottle or top test the quality of the torque. The force needed to open the cap will be stored directly in the load sensor. This helps to measure the maximum force which is needed to open the cap of the containers.

Presto Stantest is a major manufacturer of torque testers which are used to test the quality of PET containers. The instrument strictly adheres to various national and international standard test methods. Hence, it is compatible to demand of the users all over the world.

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