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How to Obtain the Best Torque Quality in PET Bottles

The torque quality of bottle caps is one of the essential feature that defines the PET containers’ quality, and in case the torque of bottle caps found to be defective they can lead to dangerous accidental situations as well. In order to assure the strength required to open and close the bottle caps, multiple kinds of testing procedure are applied on the bottle body at the testing labs of PET bottle industries to assure that they do not support any sort of  leakage or have strong leak integrity characteristics.

One such type of test utilized in the PET industries to assure the quality of the PET containers caps is Torque Test. This testing method helps in evaluating the bottle cap quality precisely and smoothly. In this post we will learn more about the utilization of torque tester and its advantages. PET containers are utilized in distinct verticals for the purpose of various purposes and production processes.

The renowned industry in which PET bottles are utilized on a huge amount is the pharma industry. Torque Testing Machines are one of the most renowned testing machines that are utilized in PET material production industries to evaluate the opening and closing capacity needed to open a bottle cap. It is known to be the perfect quality control solution which is utilized in production process as well as in the testing and research laboratories for inspecting the bottle caps quality.

The testing method is applied prior the packaging process is continued. This is also termed as a destructive testing method in which many testing samples are needed to be investigated for the weakness or any other flaw in the torque strength of bottle caps during the production process.

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