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Accelerated Ageing Oven

Presto’s Accelerated Aging Oven – ISO 188:2011 is used to measure the effects of elevated temperatures on the different properties of material. This method gauges the result of different temperatures on the properties of substance.

The test procedure is performed in air at a specified temperature for a specified period. Properties are considered before and after high-temperature exposure. Standards of the instrument represent the change in hardness point which is calculated as a percentage change in properties with the percentage change in durometer hardness along with the change in IRHD hardness. Small change in the value of hardness represents the transform in hardness points.

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    • Internal Size of Machine: 18 inch x 18 inch x 18 inch
    • Temperature Range: Ambient to 300 Degree C
    • Inside Chamber Construction: Stainless Steel
    • Outer Chamber Construction:  M.S. neatly powder coated.
    • Complete with Air Flow Meter.
    •  Number of Trays: Two Stainless Steel (Adjustable trays)
    • Display: Digital LED

    • Easy to operate.
    • Provides highly reliable and accurate results.
    • Supplied with additional accessories and conformance certificate.
      • Exceptio          nal T/P action to evade overshooting of temperature
      • Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator
      • PID temperature controller with Microprocessor

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