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Torque Tester – Digital

Torque tester is a very useful device in determining the rotational force required to open the cap of the bottle. Torque is very important to assess, so that bottle can be opened by the intended user in critical applications like pharmaceutical. Digital model comprises of four pegs to hold the bottle and gripping the bottle for anti-slippage. In digital model, the cap of the bottle is held by a holder and the platform having pegs rotate to open the cap. The torque sensors detect the force applied and process the signal into electrical form and display it on the screen.

It has adjustable pegs to accommodate bottles of different sizes. Thus, one machine can serve the purpose efficiently in wide array of applications.

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    • Torque Range: Available in 20 Lbs/inch, 50 Lbs/inch, 100 Lbs/inch (as per customers need).

    Torque Tester, Digital 0-20 LBS/ inch–

    • Range: 0-20lbs-inch
    • Least Count: 0.1lbs-inch

    Torque Tester, Digital 0-50 LBS/ inch–

    • Torque Range: 0-50Lbs-inch
    • Least Count: 0.02Lbs-inch

    Torque Tester, Digital 0-100 LBS/ inch –

    • Range: 0-100lbs-inch
    • Least Count: 0.1lbs-inch

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