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Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge Magnamike – 8600 in Indonesia

Magna-Mike 8600

Presto is an authorized dealer of Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge Magnamike – 8600 in Indonesia, a product from Olympus. It is a very useful, portable and durable testing device which helps to measure the wall thickness of the products that cannot be measured using conventional methods. The machine is designed as per the standard test methods and helps to test the thickness of different products such as papers, plastics, PET products and many more. The instrument offers highly accurate test results.

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Presto supplies premium quality of Bottle wall thickness gauge Magnamike – 8600 in Indonesia mainly for the manufacturers in PET and Preform industries to measure the thickness of the PET products from each and every angle without cutting or deforming the shape of the bottle right from the thickness of neck of the bottles till the bottom of the bottles. The machine works on the principle of Hall’s Effect and delivers highly accurate test results. The testing machine is provided with three measuring probes along with different replaceable caps that help to measure the thickness of various types of bottles. These probes are known as a standard probe, right angle probe and low-profile articulating probe which is best for aerospace applications to measure the thickness of different parts. The testing machine is supplied to the customers with a user manual to operate the machine.

    • Overall dimension of Magnamike is -8600 is (L) 236 x (W) 167 x (H) 70 mm .
    • The instrument is operated with a lithium-ion The weight of the apparatus along with the battery is 1.68kg.
    • The instruments can be operated in multiple languages hence fulfill the testing requirements of international markets as well such as Russian, Japanese, English, Italian, etc.
    • It is provided with 2 GB memory that can store multiple test results.
    • The data logger of the device can store up to 475000 IDs, and data transfer is possible through USB.
    • The working life of the battery is 12 hours maximum.
    • It works efficiently on the power supply of 100/120 V AC, single phase.
    • The LCD resolution is 640 x 480 pixel and dimensions are 117 mm x 89 mm x 146 mm (W x H x D)
    • It measures the sample with the rate of 6 Hz whereas the display rate of the machine is 4, 8, 16 and 20 Hz.
    • It views the sample with the resolution 1 mm, 0.01 mm, 0.001 mm.


    • Chisel tip and standard tip are provided with the probe as replaceable wear cap.
    • Magnetic probes with two different angles i.e. straight angle and right angle probe are also supplied with the instrument.
    • Provided with the expanded feature to measure the thickness up to 1 inch or 25.4mm


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