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Muffle Furnace – Digital Computerised

MF - 4 (900) Prima

Presto’s Industrial Lab Muffle Furnace – Digital Computerised is specially designed and manufactured for the developing fields of agricultural, medical research industrial, metal treatment, ash determination and wool industries. The device evaluates the ash percentage of a test sample that provides vital information on properties of the material. The device has an elegant design and is convenient to install. The instrument can be used for various applications for example, for mold heating and organic & inorganic tests. The thermal-shielded furnace is cost-effective and energy saving.

The equipment calculates the ash percentage same as the index of added mineral loading. The test is performed by weighing the specimen and then burnt. The burnt sample is calculated easily. The test specimen is torn into small pieces and then placed again to take the weight. The accurate test result can be obtained by performing three tests by reporting minimum, maximum, and average weight.

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    • The display of the Muffle Furnace is 16 x 2 alphanumerical LCD
    • The Tuning Advance Auto-tune PID temperature controlling has 0.1 degrees C resolution and accuracy.
    • Alarm provided to alert when the process starts, and the system stops and when the temperature exceeds High Limit/ Low Limit.
    • Heating, Timer, Alarm indicated by LEDs indication.
    • Output controls are SSR-based.
    • Real Time Clock (RTC) is available.
    • PID parameters set the table in the menu.
    • User can feed the name
    • There is RS232 /USB interface for data logging.
    • Timer set present value up to 99:99 mins
    • The range is a selectable range as per model Ambient to 900, 1200, 1400 degree C.
    • Power supply 16 Amp., 220 V, AC Single phase
    • The inner chamber size is 4x4x9, 5x5x10, 6x6x12 and customize size
      • Temperature Least Count:1 degree C
      • Temperature Accuracy: ± 5 degree C at full range.
      • Insulation: High-grade ceramic insulation

    The device is designed on basis of following standards:

    • IS & ASTM Standard.

    • There are Profile Programming up to 8 programs.
    • Different temperatures can be set at different time intervals.
    • The heat cool operation control is automatic, and sensor J type or K type can be used as per selection.
    • Multiple parameters can be set easily and feather touch key operation with the help of Menu Driven system.
    • The Master sensor calibration port is available.
    • The password protection features provide safety and security.
    • The outer body is mild steel powder coated.
      • Temperature control through PT-100 sensor
      • Highly accurate test results under uniform temperatures in the chamber
      • High Grade imported Glass Wool insulation
      • Maximum Thermal Efficiency by insulation means.
      • Advanced Digital Microprocessor based PID based temperature controller
      • Digital Preset Timer
      • Auto tuning Advance PID controller
      • SSR-based output controls
      • Bright Graphical LCD/LED display with user-friendly information in form test values
      • Alarm output signal LED for temperature overshoot and test process completion
      • Feather touch controls
      • LED indication for Timer, Alarm, and heater

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