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Digital Tensile Testing Machine in Indonesia

TTM-S (as per capacity)

Presto offers Digital Tensile Testing Machine in Indonesia is the premium quality of device which efficiently measures the tensile strength of different materials like plastics, rubbers, metals, and many more. The laboratory testing instrument works on the methodology of CRT i.e. constant rate of the traverse. The device is reliable and stable enough to perform the test as the machine is fabricated with high-quality of mild steel that ensures the stability and high-strength of the material. The testing instrument is designed as per standard test methods that are introduced by various reputed standardization authorities such as ASTM, ISO, etc. This fulfills the testing requirements of international markets as well.

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Presto is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Digital Tensile Testing Machine in Indonesia. The testing machine is designed using sophisticated technology based features and offers highly accurate test results. It is designed with more features like travel protection along with limit switches, overload protection to secure the load cell. The instrument is supplied to the customers complete with the user manual and calibration certificate that ensures the accuracy of the machine.

    • The maximum force that can be applied to the specimen is 250 kg-force.
    • The least count is 100 grams.
    • ¼ HP motor is duly fitted for the proper working of the machine, and it works on the single phase power supply.
    • The testing instrument works on the power supply of 220 Volts single phase AC.
    • Power consumed by machine is 1 kilowatt.
    • Overall dimension of the instrument is 66 cm X 54 cm X 160 cm.
    • Different grips are provided to hold various types of products.
    • The weight of the instrument is 140 Kg and 212 Kg after packaging.
    • Sample cutting die, and Sample Cutting Press are supplied on customer’s demand to cut the samples.

    • The testing instrument is designed using mild steel that ensures the strength of the machine.
    • Overload protection and limit switches are provided as additional features.
    • Standard branded motor and CE electric wiring are supplied with the device.
    • It is an extremely standardized machine designed using sophisticated technology that ensures easy maintenance and reliable performance.
    • It bright chrome plating ensures rust proof finish of the machine.

    Related Standards

    • ASTM D412 – 06a(2013)
    • ASTM D624 – 00(2012)
    • ASTM D429 – 14

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