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Flammability Tester

PFT - UL-94

Flammability Tester (UL94) is a smart technology which is used to perform the Standardized testing applications for assuring that the Plastic Materials are flammability safe for Parts in Devices and Appliances.

It is very important to note that this test does not compare the real-life fire hazards a specimen can face, it just guides in categorizing sample as per its resistance to flammability situations. Plastic parts which are utilized by the electronic products or in computer systems must be resistant towards fire incidents. These material can easily catch fire and damage the entire body. Customers demand that the plastic material used in such devices must clear the UL 94 standard. Therefore, selecting the best and reliable testing system is very important.

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    • Specimen Size – 1/2″X5″ for Horizontal and Vertical Burning Test and 8″X2″ for Vertical Burning Test using Thin Material
    • Accuracy – ± 2% at full range.
    • Power – 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Specimen Holder Angle – 45° & 90°
    • Material – Stainless Steel
    • The distance between Burner & Specimen – 10mm±1mm
    • Digital Timer Range – 999.9 Second
    • Digital Timer Least Count – 0.1 second
    • Igniting Flame Length – 20mm±1

    • Equipped with Digital 7 Segment Display
    • Automatic Flame Stop mechanism installed
    • A complete set of specimen holder is available to ensure a strong grip
    • An LPG empty cylinder is also a part of the offer
    • Automated timer initiation through limit switches

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