Presto Pioneers Never Before Features in Salt Spray Testers

Presto Pioneers Never Before Features in Salt Spray Testers

Salt Spray Testers

The salt spray chamber apparatus for testing is also known as cabinet apparatus. This consists of a closed set-up where a saltwater solution is atomized by means of spray nozzle(s) using pressurized air. This solution is typically a solution made up of 5% Sodium Chloride [NaCl] that helps in producing a corrosive environment. This looks like a dense saltwater fog in the chamber. It is also known as a mist or a spray by the tester due to its physical resemblance. This way the test samples get exposed to such an environment and are exposed to severely corrosive conditions.

Presto CASS Chambers

Cass cum Salt Spray Chambers manufactured at Presto Testing machines has a conformance standard internationally. These machines are manufactured under various Test Standards ASTM B117, ASTM B368 - 09 JIS Z 2371. This means the machines have the ability to provide a simulation of real-time weathering conditions. The Presto chamber volumes have a range. The Korrox III (C) model, for example, is a 250 litre model. However, multiple variations can be observed from different manufacturers and suppliers.

What is different in Presto Machines?

There are many more attractive features that entice the customers into buying these testers over competing products. Korrox III (C) model is strictly designed according to the relevant standards that help to assess the ability of rust-proofed components. Such designs are meant to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. Moreover, the following features add credibility to the cass test chambers and become the preferred customer choice for testing.

1.    HMI-based Touchscreen Model - this human-machine interface of Presto Salt Spray Testers has a digital interface between the operators and the testing apparatus that provides operational excellence during testing.    

2.    Inbuilt temperature settings and Pre-set Timer functions that are incorporated in the HMI result in accuracy and repeatability.

3.    Current test running status display is a unique facility that maintains a focus on the quality of tests carried out on a particular product.

4.    Easy data management also allows the machine to function smoothly and easily.

5.    The machines have program profiles that are set for selecting test parameters and performing accurate tests.

Along with a unique design, the dimensions of the Korrox III model are easy to catch anyone’s eye. The 1970 mm by 1240 mm front view added by 990 mm side view dimension provides it expansive imagery. These specific chambers comply with specifications test standards for Neutral Salt Spray (NSS), Acetic Acid Salt Spray (AASS), and Copper Accelerated Salt Spray (CASS). 


The machines manufactured at Presto Equipment Testing have been able to get national recognition due to the unique features the CASS corrosion test machines come with.