Presto Salt Spray Testers Unique Features Add Market Credibility

Presto Salt Spray Testers Unique Features Add Market Credibility

The Presto salt fog test chambers come with unique qualities in order to make the best use of inbuilt modifications. These are replete with predetermined features in order to support credible testing. These factors uniquely lend user control and make the product user-centric. Users can create PID settings, for instance, that are used to hold the system at a predetermined value for long periods of time. The Microprocessor-based inbuilt PID controller gives the most accurate results. Users can control PID settings through Advanced Hysteresis settings.

Why is the Product Unique?

The user-centric controls also make effective use of air purge after test for fog settlement. The product can control air saturator settings, test temperature, also test and air purge time.  Fog chambers manufactured by Presto Testing machines are known to rule the market with the following features:

1.    Corrosion Resistant PT-100 sensor
2.    Auto Tuning feature selection
3.    Program profile for selecting test parameters and performing the test
4.    Run time vs temperature graph
5.    Robust construction with fibre reinforced body that has a triple wall
6.    Reservoir Tank inside sponge filter 

The design value of fog chambers built at Presto machines is purely in accordance with the requirements of the test standards. The angular canopy maintained in order to restrict the flow of droplets directly on the test sample, with all its uniqueness tests the samples in a precise manner. The samples under test are sometimes exposed to the continuous generation of salt fog for the entire duration of the test conducted in the salt spray cabinet. This needs temperature setting, along with a unique control provided for the setting of temperature that eases the use of sample placements inside the test chamber. Solid-state digital Programmable Temperature Controller is that uniqueness that drives the robust tester.

Data Value Features

The testers manufactured at Presto Testing Instruments have a set of data value features that are considered the latest during current times. Being at par with the latest data technologies keeps the salt spray machines current with modern times. The following features pertaining to data include:

•    Data recording alongside temperature data reading
•    Data saves to USB device as local pen drive can’t be inserted in the system
•    The display gives Set Values (SV) and Present Values (PV) together

Such features encompass all the possibilities and make the Presto corrosion test chamber highly unique.


Presto test chambers are durably built to test the relative resistance. These can be applied to corrosion of coated or uncoated aluminum alloys and other metals when exposed to changing environments.