Importance of Corrosion Test and Accurate Salt Spray Chamber

Importance of Corrosion Test and Accurate Salt Spray Chamber

As the world around us take a step ahead, we are continuously pushing technologies to their limits. The same also applies to materials and metals just as to computers, and it means that quality is always challenged by advancement. To meet this challenge in the field of quality metal testing, a wide range of corrosion testers have been developed to analyse metal’s performance in the simulated or real life environment.

Without appropriate corrosion tests, we would expect many more failures and gradual loss.

Salt spray testing is utilized to judge product’s anti-rusting ability. The accuracy and stability of testing result are very important which is why one must choose a salt spray test chamber precisely designed. Below mentioned are few points to keep in mind while selecting the appropriate machine:

  • The test chamber material and its accessories must be corrosion resistant and don’t react to the testing environment.
  • The salt spray must not be sprinkled onto the sample directly. It should be uniformly dispersed throughout the chamber.
  • The chamber should be installed with a gas vent to prevent developing pressure difference and affect the uniformly distributed salt fog.
  • The atomizer must be anti-corrosive, permit no deformation and have high wear resistance.
  • The compressed air must hold no contamination and grease dirt, meanwhile heating and humidifying steadily.

Presto Salt Spray Chamber incorporating all the above features is widely utilized in distinct industries for metal testing. It evaluates the resistance of the surface coating against corrosive environment. It simulates real-time weather condition that effects coating quality and develops corrosion. The conditions inside the chamber are accelerated, which is why the behavior of the specimen can be assessed in a very short span of time.

It is the advanced version of corrosion testing machines and is loaded with various features that simplify the testing experience. It is equipped with glass wool insulation to maintain the temperature inside the chamber uniform. It comes with silicon bags to retain the heating and uniformity of the temperature. It offers an external reservoir tank to ensure the non-stop operation of the machines with a capacity up to 60 liters.