Use Salt Spray Chamber to Produce Rust Proof HVAC Equipment

Use Salt Spray Chamber to Produce Rust Proof HVAC Equipment

HVAC equipment or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning materials are utilized for indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. It is designed to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. This type of components are often installed on building exterior or on the rooftop area for air ventilation and are exposed to extreme ambient conditions such as heat, humidity etc. Hence, to assure a high quality manufactured design, a corrosion resistance test is required using an accurate salt spray tester (SST) or also termed as salt spray chamber.

In order to protect the components from moisture damage, HVAC manufacturers provide a corrosion resistant paint coating over the components that deliver long life protection to the equipment. From here generates the need to assure that the coating must be of high quality and perform well in real life situation.

One of the leading salt spray chamber manufacturers, Presto testing instrument recognized the need of HVAC industries for testing various rust proof paints prior its application on finished products and developed a highly accurate salt spray machine with an advanced level of features.

How to conduct quality assurance test on HVAC coating?

Usually, to pass the industry acceptability, the paint manufactured for HVAC components must undergo 500-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test. For which the ASTM B 117 testing procedure is taken as the standard method to evaluate the longevity of paint coating.

To conduct the test the panel painted with the coating are kept inside a 5% salt fog environment inside the corrosion test chamber for a predetermined time period. After the fixed amount of time, the test is terminated and the test results are visually analysed and checked if the testing sample has been affected by the corrosive effects of the salt environment.

The salt spray tester by presto is a world trusted and tested product which is precisely designed for testing corrosion resistance of components. It simulates real-time weathering condition for manufacturers and helps them in obtaining highly accurate results. It is double walled structure and is equipped with glass wool insulation for reliable testing results. It offers advanced level technologies offering an air flow meter for controlling a uniform air flow. A corrosion resistant PT 100 sensor is installed in the chamber for smooth operations. The test results can be extracted USB devices which can be connected to the machine. The corrosion testing temperature in the machine can be adjusted from ambient to +45°C. Live test recording can be observed with the help of touch screen installed in the testing chamber along with a feather touch control.

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