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Salt Spray Chamber – Korrox III


Salt spray chamber is widely used in different industries for testing of metals. It tests the resistance of the surface coating against the corrosion. It simulates a weather condition that initiates corrosion in normal working condition. The conditions inside the chamber are accelerated, which is why the behaviour of the specimen can be assessed in a short span of time.

Rust testing Korrox III Model is the advanced version of the salt spray tester and is loaded with many features that simplifies the testing. It comes with glass wool insulation to maintain the temperature inside the chamber intact. It comes with an external reservoir tank to ensure the non-stop operation of the machines.  It has a tower style atomiser with baffle top for the uniform fog distribution inside the chamber. It is always advised to keep the salt fog test chamber in the ideal laboratory conditions for the best results. Apart from that while performing the salt mist corrosion test, the sample should not be placed too close to the walls. Otherwise, it would give uneven observations. It comes with a touch screen for operation and communication ports for data logging and transferring.


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Salt spray chamber has become an important machine in comparative analysis. To perform the test, the specimen are inserted in the salt laden fog for certain number of hours. The number of hours can be referred from testing standards or internal standards setup by the industry.  The components can be tested before and after treatment with coating. This machine helps in analyzing improvement in performance of the specimen after coating is applied. The fog created by the atomizer has upto 5% of NaCl which is much more than sea water composition. For testing of components to be used at marine atmosphere, this can be considered as the best tool.

Apart from sea salt spray test to analyse the performance of the components, it is used for highlighting the defects of the components. Defects like chipping and cracks speed up the corrosion process thus can lead to the early failure of the product.

Apart from Korrox III models, presto offers few more models of salt spray chamber that are designed for the different requirements of the different industries. Contact us today to know more about salt spray chamber and its best usage in your industry. We are the leading corrosion test chamber manufacturers.

    • The salt spray test is a quick corrosion test that fabricates a corrosive attack on the samples in order to envisage suitability to use a shielding finish.
    • Temperature range can be set from ambient to 40 C Temperature requirement for the chamber is 35 +/- 2 Degree C
    • Temperature accuracy is +/- 2 Degree C
    • Digital programmable temperature controller cum indicator with special zero corrosion PT 100 sensor.
    • A pressure gauge ranging from 0 to 30 psi and an air regulator – moisture cum oil filter is provided with the testing instrument.


    Additional Features

    • The test equipment can be connected to any of the computer system with the advanced mode Ethernet facility. Within your LAN network or using internet connection one can easily join their system to the chamber.
    • No need to invest complete physical attention for chamber operations and monitor. Discover the new-age Remote control technology for managing operations and test cycle observation.
    • To avoid receiving remote controlled commands while on-site operation is running, user can lock the remote ordering and will only allow remote test monitor option.
    • Get a web page view for observing registered test data without installing any software program on your system.
    • Logged in member can even receive email notifications on their computer system for Alarming situations during test. Also, follows Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for safe data transfer.
    • Control test timing with easy 10 Pre-set timers.
    • HMI based font can now be changed from English to Hindi for User comfort.

    • Triple walled chamber having glass wool filling to prevent deformation and distortion due to high pressures.
    • A Salt Solution (Fog) collection calibrated jar is placed outside the machine for convenient operation.
    • High pressure resistant drum is provided with the instrument.
    • A pressure gauge ranging from 0 to 30 psi and an air regulator – moisture cum oil filter is provided with the equipment.
    • Temperature is regulated via. touch screen.
    • HMI based Touchscreen Model
    • Inbuilt temperature settings
    • Salt Spray Test mode enabled to set parameters according to test sample
    • Temperature setting and Preset Timer functions incorporated in HMI for accuracy and repeatability
    • Corrosion Resistant PT-100 sensor
    • Solid state digital Programmable Temperature Controller
    • Program profile for selecting test parameters and performing the test.
    • Easy Data Management. User can create PID settings, Air Saturator settings, test temperature, test and air purge time,
    • Current test running status display
    • Robust Construction with Fiber reinforced body (Triple wall)
    • Ease of use of sample placements inside the test chamber
    • Pneumatically operated canopy**
    • Air purge after test for fog settlement.
    • PLC based inbuilt PID controller
    • Reservoir Tank and Dosing system for Brine Solution
    • Auto Tuning feature selection
    • Runtime temperature graph
    • Data recording with temperature data reading
    • USB option available
    • Option available to set PV and SV value
    • User can control PID settings through Advanced Hysteresis setting
    • Angle of Canopy maintained in order to restrict flow of droplets directly on the test sample
    • **Only for 250-litre
    • Temperature is regulated via. touch screen.
    • Features of Touch Screen
    • 7 (480*234) 16.9 TFT LCD 65536 colours.
    • USB Host for flash drive.
    • USB 1.1 for high speed screen data downloads.
    • 8 Function keys.
    • 480*234 pixels IP 65 Complaint ARM9 32 bit CPU.
    • 3M Flash Memory.
    • 256K bytes SRAM.

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