Salt Spray Chamber Evaluate Corrosion Resistant Properties

Salt Spray Chamber Evaluate Corrosion Resistant Properties

Rust or corrosion does not allow metal to perform its work. That is why there comes surface coating like applicants to protect them from rusting. But there are certain factors like, pollution, excess exposure to air, water or humid environment that induces rust or corrosion in the metal or alloys. Thus, to test the corrosion-resistant properties of a metal or alloy, Salt Spray Chamber like testing instruments plays an important role.

A Salt Spray Chamber creates a highly corrosive environment to test the long-term effects of factors affecting corrosion on objects and materials. It is the best way to determine the resistance of the protective layer on metals and alloys. Presto Stantest is one of the leading testing instruments manufacturers in India, to deliver the quality assured salt testing machine with many safety features.


The Presto Series Salt Spray (fog) Tester strictly follows the standard of manufacturing. It adheres to ASTM B 117 and JIS Z 2371 global per the relevant standard to evaluate the facility of rustproofed components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions.

3 Model Sizes:

Presto presents 3 model sizes in Salt Spray Chamber. They all vary in size and specification. One can ask for customization of these chambers as per their requirement. These are

•    KorroxTm 250 Ltrs
•    KorroxTm 450 Ltrs
•    KorroxTm 1000 Ltrs

Features of Salt Spray Chambers:

•    8 Function Keys
•    Supports Ethernet Communication Protocols
•    Intuitive touch-screen
•    Full color user control interface
•    Time Totalizer
•    Air Purging
•    Air Regulator
•    Cyclic Timer, etc.

Why Us?

Presto being the best salt spray chamber manufacturing company in India, comes up with 3 different models with different features and specifications. Here are the reasons to choose Presto:

•    You will get NABL Approved Calibration Certificates.
•    All the machines pass through our 93 Checkpoint Quality assurance List.
•    Excellent After Sales Services all over India
•    The company assures on-time delivery.
•    Technical support from experts on Field & Back End 24X7
•    100% consistent results.

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