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CASS Cum Salt Spray Chamber


CASS Salt Spray Test Chambers are used for paint and plating testing to check rust resistance of coated test samples. As coating provides a life in terms of high corrosion resistance to all ferrous alloys, it is quite necessary for all automotive industries to use automotive testing instruments like salt spray testers for producing superior quality products.

Presto is one of the leading salt spray testers manufacturers in India offering a wide range of salt spray testers including CASS Cum Salt Spray Tester with customized specifications. The model is cost effective solutions to accelerate corrosion testing of samples in different weather conditions. It’s a modern and sophisticated technology based chamber designed to meet various testing requirements.

CASS Salt Spray Tester is equipped with a touch screen temperature controller that enables the user to easily set the temperature of the chamber. The chamber is wraparound with a triple walled fiber reinforced plastic duly filled with glass wool insulation to protect it from damage from the corrosive temperature created inside the chamber. The cabinet is equipped with over-temperature protection safety thermostats. The water level in a brine solution reservoir can be filled by hand, using the manual filler port which is filled as per the standard measurements.


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    • Temperature range can be set between ambient to 60 degree Celsius with the requirement of 49 +/- 2 Degree Celsius.
    • The testing equipment provides temperature accuracy of +/-1 Degree Celsius.
    • The machine has a touch screen temperature controller cum indicator to set the temperature.
    • A pressure gauge ranging from 0 to 30 psi and an air regulator – moisture cum oil filter is provided with the testing instrument.
    • Fiber reinforced plastic is used for construction.

    • Triple walled chamber having glass wool filling to prevent deformation and distortion due to high pressures.
    • A salt solution (Fog) collection calibrated jar is placed outside the machine for convenient operations.
    • Temperature is regulated via. Touch Screen.
    • The machine is equipped with a Plexiglass Transparent Canopy/Hood which is operated via pneumatic pressure by pressing open/close control button on the control panel.


    Additional New Features

    • Now access the test chamber and the process within from your systems using New Ethernet technology. Get your devices within LAN and internet network connected with the chamber to observe the test data in detail and graphical formats.
    • User can leave the test chamber unattended for longer time period with our Remote control option.  With Built-in VNC server, one can operate and watch the HMI based activities of the chamber on their devices through VNC client app – Windows, iOS, and Android.
    • The chamber also comes with a special lock feature which can block the remote operation through VNC server and allow only monitoring process. This will reduce the chances of getting unsynchronized orders from users when on-site test is performed.
    • Get advanced Web page monitoring for Chamber test process on your system without installing any software program.
    • The user who are logged in will be warned for alarming situation via email notifications when the alarm occurs. Also it will secure the data transfer as it supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

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