Seal Integrity with Vacuum Leak Tester Digital for Pet Bottles

How to Evaluate Seal Integrity with Vacuum Leak Tester Digital for Pet Bottles?

Vacuum Leak Tester Digital

PET bottles are a common material that will be used in the packaging industry which will be helpful in carrying various materials with ease. From beverages to water, it is useful in transporting these materials. Thus, when you make use of PET bottles, then it is very important to check their seal and leakage. This can be done through vacuum leak tester digital for pet bottles. This amazing testing instrument will be helpful in determining the accuracy and quality of PET bottles.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with vacuum leak tester specifications and features designed at Presto. You will be amazed by seeing the contribution of this testing instrument in quality assurance. So, let us get started with the information about the vacuum leak testing instrument.

Specification of vacuum leak tester digital for pet bottles

This highly standardized testing equipment is designed for evaluating the seal integrity as well as leak assistance of PET bottles. If leakage will occur in these bottles then it will affect the product quality. This in turn will also leave a bad impression of your brand towards your customers. Thus, you should make sure to deliver a quality product by testing it before shipping.

Here we have created a list of specifications you will find for a vacuum leak tester.

  • It has a digital display and the vacuum can be adjustable up to 900 MB.
  • It has a rugged structure with a PMMA chamber and power controls of 220 V.
  • You can easily use it with digital controls for pressure monitoring and timer.
  • It has been made of stainless steel material and will be delivered with a vacuum generator.
  • The customized box will be made along with prescribed dimensions upon request.
  • Powder-coated Havel grey and blue combination finish where there is no chance of corrosion.

So, this is the specification of the vacuum leak testing instrument. Now, let us discuss its features.

Features of vacuum leak tester digital for pet bottles

Besides these easy-to-use specifications, this machine consists of several superior and advanced features that will ease your work of testing. You can easily rely on this wonderful testing machine to take vacuum tests for PET bottles.

We have listed some of its amazing features below.

  • It contains a microprocessor-based timer for accuracy.
  • You can easily do sample testing through a vacuum mechanism.
  • It has an inbuilt calibration facility and a vacuum gauge for easy pressure monitoring.
  • Inlet vacuum pressure setting and pre-set timer functions that will be easy to use.

These are some magnificent features of using this device. You can easily depend on Presto Testing Instruments to check the vacuum leakage of PET bottles. Besides this, the vacuum leak tester will be helpful in making your product free from any errors.

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