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Conduct Vacuum Leak Test for Bakery Packaging

Baked food items are prepared using a very low and specified amount of moisture and are packed using sealed packaging. Bakery food are prone to quick damage if exposed to unwanted moisture or microorganisms. Therefore, extra importance have been given to its secure packaging. Conducting Leak testing using Vacuum leak tester for Bakery packaging is considered to be a reliable quality solution.

Baked items, for instance a cookie, when baked deliver a crispy texture. The packaging used to seal such food items must deliver high leak resistance against moisture or contamination. Or else the moisture can damage the crispiness of the cookies and microbial entry can spoil the food item. Therefore, it is important to have a leak resistance test on the package.

It is a digital based model which uses a higher-level microprocessor program to convert the minute level of leakage into numerical values. The size of the desiccator can be adjusted on request. A precise gauge to record the elevation and drop in the pressure. Single button operation reduces complication of too many switches on board. Just put your package to be tested inside the desiccators, close the lid firmly and set the pressure using the gauge.

The Vacuum can be adjusted up to an extended range of 0 to 900 mb. Transparent and strong PMMA material used for clear test visual and pressure resistant. The design and features of the equipment are user friendly. The vacuum generator is the part of delivery along with the leak test machine.

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