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Torque Tester Digital Motorized – Pluto Series

Torque Tester – Digital Motorised is a new generation fully automatic motorized torque tester. It gives Torque in digital format. The digital display is a sophisticated high-end read out with Auto Tare (ZERO) set facility and Peak Hold arrangement. The test sample is placed in between the anti-slip holders/pegs for the strong holding of the test sample.

Presto Stantest manufactures the best quality of Torque Tester to examine the quality of the Torque of the Bottle Caps. The testing device is widely used in PET Bottle Industry and pharmaceutical industries. It is the motorized model which provides the result in digital format. The instrument is also known as Pluto Series.

The testing machine is used in pharmaceutical and PET laboratories to test the quality of the torque of the PET bottles. The instrument provides the facility of Auto stop function when it touches the angle of 60 Degree. The testing machine automatically gets restored to its initial position after the testing is done. The device is also incorporated with the integral calibration mechanism. It provides easy clamping to clamp the test sample easily to perform the test. The testing machine is fitted with an extremely accurate digital display that helps to read the testing results easily. It is the best testing machine which is necessary for the rotating components.

Torque Tester is designed to provide accurate and precision based torque value which are not otherwise obtained by manual twisting. The instrument is used for testing the opening force of the PET bottles when subject to a load under twisting.

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    • The maximum size of the sample is 400mm and Minimum size of the sample is100mm respectively.
    • The test result display of the device is digital load indicating unit.
    • Load indicator display resolution of the machine is 01 LB. – IN.
    • Peak Hold feature of the device displays peak hold storage for first nine peak values
    • The measuring sensor of the machine is of torque transducer load cell.
    • The maximum range displayed by the device is 80 LB. –IN
    • The specimen rotates till the angle of 60 degree and automatically stops and automatic restore to its initial position
    • The instrument offers the accuracy of +/-1% of Full Scale
    • The least count of the device is 0.1 LB. – IN
    • The instrument has servo motor drive rotatory mechanism
    • It supports In-Built calibration mechanism fixtures.
    • Torque zero balance – +/-1.0% FSO
      • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
      • Display: Digital
      • Max.size of test bottles to be tested: 2.5 liters
      • Weights for Calibration: 10 lbs, 20 lbs
      • Safety: Yes
      • Standard weights (for calibration): 2
      • Specimen rotation:
      • Automatic restoration to initial position

    • Auto stop feature once it reaches the angle of 60 Degree.
    • The testing machines automatically get restored to the starting position after testing.
    • The device is also incorporated with the inbuilt calibration mechanism.
    • It also offers easy clamps to clamp the specimen easily to perform the test.
    • The instrument is duly fitted with digital display to read the test results easily.
    • It is an ideal testing machine which is mandatory for rotating
    • The testing device is best for following applications like Aerospace, Screw Closures, Child Resistance Components, Bottle Torque Testing and Automotive Components.
      • Strong clamping pegs/holders for zero slip gripping support
      • Digital Display for accuracy and repeatability
      • Precise measurement of torque
      • Height adjustable clamping mechanism to hold different size of bottles
      • 9 Sample readings can be seen on digital readout
      • Auto Stop Function enabled
      • Motorized feature for high repeatability
      • Data output in digital display form
      • Servomotor Driven Mechanism
      • Adjustable fixture to test different size test bottles

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