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Digital Specific Gravity Balance

SP 202 (G)

Presto’s Digital Specific Gravity Balance is used to measure the specific gravity of any polymer. The information provided by the instrument is substantially important for the identification of the test sample. It is also used to roughly assess the physical properties of the specimen kept for examination. It is used for estimating whether the sample is set in the same compound or not.

Presto’s Digital Specific Gravity Balance is widely used in plastic industry. The instrument is highly beneficial in computing the gravity of plastics, polymers, and rubber related products. Specific enormity and gravity of any elastomer are of considerable importance for their identification. The instrument is used for rough assessment of its physical properties. It displays direct specific gravity digitally, and it doesn’t require any manual calculations.

The performance of the machine is linked with the Archimedes Principle. The widely used instrument is basically designed for extensive use in laboratory applications. The machine is equipped with two buttons to perform the test which makes the apparatus easy to use. It has a high contrast LCD display that enhances the ease of visual monitoring. Moreover, the machine is incorporated with RS232 and USB connectivity as an option.

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    • It is equipped with two buttons for operations.
    • The laboratory equipment is equipped with a high contrast LCD display that enhances ease of monitoring.
    • The machine is provided with USB or RS 232 connectivity as an option.
    • The instrument provides a range of 0.9 to 3.0 with the least count of 0.01.

    • The machine works on Archimedes principle.
    • It is a digital model in which no calculations are required.
    • The machine is very easy to use and also provides precise and reliable results.
      • Battery or AC operated
      • Integral Security Bracket
      • Programmable Auto shut off
      • User-friendly menu driven function
      • Inbuilt functions for Hold, Totalize, specific gravity.
      • Different units selectable – g, Kg, oz, lb, %, etc.
      • Self Calibration inbuilt

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