Test The Intact Strength Of Seals With Vacuum Leak Tester

Test The Intact Strength Of Seals With Vacuum Leak Tester

PET Bottles are used on a large scale for a variety of packaging purposes in various industries. The PET bottles are generally used to pack food and beverages products, Pharmaceuticals and many more. The PET products are in all these crucial industries as they are highly safe in nature to store consumable products, non-reactive to chemicals as compared to other thermoplastic products and does not produces any kind of toxic fumes when come in contact with heat. Moreover, they are available in numerous sizes and shapes and are economic in nature to produce when compared to other available options like glass bottles, aluminum cans, etc. Also, PET bottles are also strong in nature as compared to glass bottles and hence, best to pack various critical products.

Why is it necessary to test the Quality of PET Products?

The integrity and quality of the PET products are quite ideal for the hygiene and safety of the items that are packed using PET bottles. It is quite essential for the manufacturers to measure the integrity and quality of the bottles before they are used in bottling or packaging of the products. The bad or inferior quality of the products leads to the damage of the goods or degradation of the quality which leads to fatal accidents and consequence. There is a variety of testing machines that are used to test the strength and quality of PET products so that best quality of PET products can be ensured and supplied to the customers.

Best Testing Solution to Measure the Intactness

One of the testing instruments which is used in PET industries to ensure the strength of seals is Vacuum Leak Tester. The Vacuum leak tester is an extremely effective testing machine which helps to ensure that they do not have any sort of leakage. The instrument generated a highly pressurized vacuum to test the intactness or integrity of the PET products. In this manner, the PET manufacturer can ensure that the product they manufactured will remain fresh and safe for an extended period of time.  Also, it prevents the product from spillage.

How to test the quality of PET bottles with Vacuum Leak tester?

The testing procedure is commenced by placing the test sample in its place and then sufficient amount of pressure of vacuum is created. After the vacuum is created, the bottle is inspected for the development of bubbles or any kind of leakage or spillage defect. If the user observes bubbles in the quality of the bottles, this means that the bottle has leakage. With the help of vacuum leak tester, the manufacturer can assure that the bubbles are free from leakage and best to pack the liquid products and other consumable products efficiently. To buy high-quality of the product, always buy from a reputed manufacturer.