Use Vacuum Leak Tester for Foil Package Quality Analysis

Use Vacuum Leak Tester for Foil Package Quality Analysis

In a wide range of packaging industries, the foil is utilized as the main barrier to moisture, oxygen, and light. But manufacturers using foil as the protective layer often get concerned about the incidence of punctures in the foil. These punctures can be generated while the foil is transformed into thin sheets or when particles known as micro voids are rolled into the foil. Amon these the most common reason behind foil damage is rigorous package handling during the assemblage of the foil and the product. Such kind of defects generated by any of the medium is difficult to identify by a normal Human eye, which can detect punctures that are larger than 100 µm. Punctures which are smaller than this are still a thing of concern and can be detected by an accurate vacuum leak tester.

How to conduct the leakage test?

The vacuum leak test for quality analysis of foil packaging must obey the testing standards of ASTM F2338. For conducting the test, the pouch must be placed under vacuum and is monitored for any vacuum modification. The diversion in a vacuum is dependent on the puncture size and time for testing.

The test must be performed using a proficient tool such as Presto’s Vacuum leak tester which complies with the required international quality standards. For conducting the test, a fixed amount of vacuum is generated in the chamber to evaluate the integrity of the foil packaging. The product which fails the test is considered as rejected as it can lead to the spoilage of the contents packed inside. Due to the leakage, environmental factors can start affecting the quality of the contents inside. Thus, having a vacuum leak test before starting mass production in the industry is a valuable step.

Few key features, our instrument deliver are:

  • It delivers accurate and reliable test results by allowing the operator to perform standardized test methods as it strictly adheres to international quality standards.
  • The machine comes with a calibration certification recognized by NABL approved labs.
  • The microprocessor-based operation to ensure accuracy and repeatability.
  • Automatic sample testing via easy vacuum mechanism and ensure zero human handling error.
  • Inbuilt vacuum pressure setting, and pre-set timer function equipped with the machine.
  • In-house calibration facility provided
  • Digital pressure displays for live test observation and analysis
  • Stainless steel body with corrosion resistant finish ensuring the longevity of the device.

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