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Vacuum Leak Test for Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is the new and growing trend in the packaging industry. Not only it allows the product appearance but is also deliver high strength. With its transparent product appearance, the package style is becoming quite famous among numerous industries. However, testing the quality of the package is very important. Most of all the leak resistance capability.

Vacuum Leak Tester is a highly precise testing equipment designed to conduct vacuum leak test for blister packaging. Complies with international test standards so that it can meet the global requirement for leak test process. The test results from this equipment will be accepted worldwide. A highly integrated system operated digitally is used to evaluate the leak resistance of package in vacuum.

In the process, a specified amount of vacuum is generated inside the chamber to evaluate the quality of plastic packaging. Equipped with microprocessor based digital controls over the test results. The vacuum decline or any fluctuation detected is converted precisely into digital format for high precision. Deliver highly accurate and trusted results. It also has a NABL certified calibration certificate. Complies with USP 28 packaging practice specifications.

Automated vacuum release and hold mechanism required to deliver most precise results. Pressure release mode, Vacuum pressure setting for user with pre-set timer digital controls installed in the equipment. The timer section are changeable and has units in hrs: min: sec format. The pressure applied and changes are display on screen while the test is running. The main body is of stainless steel and coated using corrosion resistant paint for a long time run.

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