How Magna Mike 8600 helps in NDT?

How Magna Mike 8600 helps in NDT?

How Magna Mike 8600 helps in NDT?

What is NDT?

NDT is an acronym for the non-destructive test. In PET packaging industry, usually destructive tests are performed on the final product to test properties of bottles like it balancing property, stacking load bearing capacity, sectional weight measurement, etc. There are very few tests that you can perform without destroying the bottle like base clearance test. A bottle has different components, like bottle neck, walls and bottom. Every portion contributes a significant part in maintaining balance and strength to the bottle. For instance, the weak neck will result in deformation of the bottle as soon some weight is applied on it. So, a bottle is cut into sections to measure the weight and other dimensions in accordance with the application.

What is MagnaMike 8600?


It is a wall thickness gauge used in different industries to test the uniformity of the thickness. It can measure the thickness of any non-ferrous material. Magna mike 8600 is manufactured by Olympus and Presto is authorised dealer of it. It works on the principle of Hall effect. It has a probe and a target ball, together they both create a magnetic field and remain in sync. If the thickness of bottle is to be measured, the target ball will be placed inside the bottle. The ball comes in contact with the magnetic field created by the probe. The distance between the probe and the ball is equivalent to the thickness of the bottle wall.

For more crucial areas, instead of target ball, you can use a target disk or wire. The later one is the perfect for very small openings where the ball cannot reach or may get lost. It is the perfect device for alloys, PET, plastic, paper, rubber, fabric leather, etc.

How does it help in NDT?


Easy to use target balls of Magna-Mike 8600 makes it possible to reach the areas that otherwise cannot be measured. If you want to measure the sectional weight of the bottle, you can do the demarcation of the bottle in as many sections as you want. Then you start using the probe for every section by just hovering the probe over the different sections. It has capacity store some thousand readings. So, you can take as many reading as you one for demarcation done on the bottle.  It comes with various connectivity options to transfer this data into computer or data storage card. Also, you can mirror the display of the device on any other screen. So, you are not practically cutting the bottle to measure the properties of different sections of the bottle.