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Perform Non – Destructive Testing With Magnamike 8600 To Measure The Wall Thickness Of Pet Bottles

Ensuring the quality of the PET products is the most important step that helps the manufacturers in PET and Preform industries to ensure the quality of the PET products and also helps them to build strong and trusted customer base. If the PET products are not best in terms of quality, it will be considered as the major reason for the inferior quality of the product. The wall thickness of the PET products is a major property of PET bottles that explains the quality of the products. The wall thickness of the PET products is responsible for various properties of the bottles like compressive strength, bursting strength and many more.

In order to measure the wall thickness of the PET bottles, proper and reliable measurements are required. This can be done using the best quality of testing instruments. Magnamike 8600 is a high-quality Non-destructive testing machine which is used to measure the uniformity of the walls of the PET bottles. The testing device works on the principle of Hall’s Effect. It is the non-destructive method of measuring the wall thickness of PET bottles with highly accurate results. The testing device is provided with the magnetic probe with the replaceable caps.

Presto Stantest is a certified dealer of Magnamike 8600, a non-destructive testing machine. The testing instrument complies with the national and international standards that fulfill the testing requirements of the international market too. To know more about Presto’s Magnamike 8600consult our technocrats.

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