Maintain Precise Wall Thickness with Magna-Mike 8600

Maintain Precise Wall Thickness with Magna-Mike 8600

Quality professionals whose work requires non-destructive thickness measurements use ultrasonic gauges. These gauges are utilized for calculating the wall thickness of parts in situations where limited access prevents the use of calipers or micrometers. There are many types of wall thickness gauges which are preferred by industries. Among all of them, the most popular testing instrument, based on the Hall-effect method is Magna-Mike 8600.

It works on the principles of electromagnetism and can be used on plastics and composites and other nonconductive materials. Magna-Mike 8600 is particularly important in the blow molding industry for measurement of wall thickness in plastic bottles and similar containers, as well as many other situations involving relatively thin, nonmagnetic products such as aluminum containers, plastic and glass tubing, scientific glassware, and many small machined or molded plastic and composite parts.

The old traditional testing method


Hence the need for quick, simple and reliable nondestructive wall thickness measurement was generated. The wall thickness is an important aspect and is very important. It is a property of the material to be of a specific thickness as per the application. And variation in that thickness can create disturbance in the application. Magnamike is used by placing the target ball at the one side of the material surface and the probe on to another surface. The probe works on the principle of magnetic Hall Effect principle.

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