Pet bottles in non-destructive manner With magnamike 8600

Ensure The Wall Thickness Of Pet Bottles In Non-Destructive Manner With Magnamike 8600

PET products are used as a primary mode of packaging to fulfill the packaging requirements in different applications. The PET bottles are mainly used to pack chemicals, drugs, beverages, pharmaceutical products and many more as they are non-reactive of any types of chemicals. Hence, PET bottles are the best to maintain the best level of hygiene of the products. PET products play a significant role to sustain the quality of the products and to save the product from external factors. To fulfill the wide usage of PET products, it is mandatory for the manufacturers of PET products to produce high-quality of goods that can offer the best level of safety to the products that are packed inside.

One of the major properties of PET & Preform products that explain the quality of the products is the wall thickness. The uniform thickness of the bottle explains the good quality and better strength and vice versa. Hence, the manufacturers must ensure the uniformity of the wall thickness of PET products to ensure the quality of the manufactured goods. There are numerous testing techniques that are used to measure the wall thickness of PET products, but one of the best testing strategies which are used to measure the thickness of PET bottles is Magnamike 8600. It is the best measurement instrument which work on the principle of Hall’s Effect. The instrument offers repeatable and accurate test outcomes.

Presto Stantest manufactures a wide range of thickness gauges. One the widely used wall thickness gauge offered by Presto is Magnamike 8600. The instrument is designed keeping in mind relevant standards test methods that are provided by reputed authorities like ASTM, BIS, ISO, etc. To know technical specifications of the product, consult our technocrats.