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Wall Thickness Gauge (MagnaMike 8600)

Magnamike 8600

Magna Mike 8600, a Wall Thickness gauge is an easily portable instrument from Olympus used for non-destructive testing. It is a very user-friendly device that performs simple operations and used to measure the thickness of non-ferrous material like Plastics, performs, glass, water tanks, foam, aluminum, PET, etc. The Instrument works on Hall Effect technology.

The Magna-Mike 8600 is a bottle thickness gauge that uses an easy and simple magnetic procedure to make repeatable measurements for non-ferrous materials testing. The operation of the Magna-Mike is quite simple. Measurements done when the magnetic probe is scanned from one side of the test specimen and the disk is placed on the other side or dropped in a container. The Hall effect measures the distance between the target ball and probe tip. The measurements are quickly displayed on the colored thickness display.

Presto is an authorized dealer of (Wall Thickness Gauge) Magna-Mike 8600 portable thickness gauge testing instrument.

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Wall Thickness Gauge is a handy non-destructive bottle thickness gauge  instrument that works on a simple magnetic method to make consistent and repeatable measurements of non-ferrous materials. The operation of the instrument is very easy. Measurements are done when its magnetic fragment held or scanned on one side of the test sample and a disk or wire (a small target ball) is placed on the opposite phase or plunged inside a container. The fragment’s hall effect sensor determines the distance between the target ball and the probe tip. The measurements are immediately displayed as an easy to read digital thickness reading.

The instrument is available in both angled magnetic and straight probes that feature replaceable wear caps to reduce replacement costs and to enhance probe’s durability.

    • The instrument is available in multiple languages including English, French, Japanese, Chinese and several others.
    • The instrument is provided with an onboard storage card of 2 GB capacity.
    • The battery life of the instrument is up to 12 hours.
    • The instrument is equipped with a digital display with a VGA resolution of 640 X 480 pixels with transfective color LCD.
    • The display has a dimension of 117 mm X 89 mm X 146 mm.
    • The instrument runs on a power supply of 100 V AC to 120 V AC, 200 V AC to 220 V AC.
    • The capture measurement rate of the instrument is given as 60 Hz.
    • The update rates offered by the display are 4 Hz, 8 Hz, 16 Hz, and 20 Hz.
    • There are high and low alarms provided with the device.
    • The device offers a high-resolution range from 0.1 mm to 0.001 mm depending upon the thickness range.
    • There is an internal data logger equipped with the device which is afile-based alphanumeric data logger.
    • There are two probes provided with the device that are standards straight probe with 18.8 mm dia. and right angle probe head with 18.8 mm dia.
    • The instrument is shock tested; drop-tested and is designed for IP67 working.
    • The instrument is given with a USB 2.0 peripheral port.
    • There is also a VGA video output provided with the device.
    • Maximum Thickness range: Up to4mm (1.00 in.)
    • Minimum Thickness range: 0.001mm (0.0001 in.)

    • There are two probes designed provided with the instrument that is straight and right angle probes.
    • Replaceable wear caps are provided with the instruments that are easily changeable.
    • The instrument is given with expanded target selections that are 3/16 and ¼ inches magnetic target balls and wire target type.
    • The instrument can gauge thickness range up to 25.4 mm.
    • Larger Display with video graphic
    • Equipped with USB and VGA outputs.
    • There is a save and recall feature provided with stored calibration files.
    • It has a new and improved design of the case with bench-style.
    • The data files can be exported easily to SD card in .txt or CSV format.
    • There is a strip chart view available with the device.
    • Measurement based on probe’s Hall Effect sensor
    • Digital Display readout
    • Repeatability in test measurements of test sample
    • Measurements through Target Ball or wire or Disk using Magnetic field
    • Replaceable Wear Caps – Standard and Chisel type
    • Larger Color VGA display
    • Fast measurement update 60Hz
    • Programmable Instrument lock with password
    • RS-232/USB/VGA output Communication Modes
    • Direct Interface to Excel spreadsheet
    • WINXL interface program
    • Generate on board reports
    • Designed with IP67 rating
    • Expanded alphanumeric data logger
    • Bench style case with improved gage stand
    • Low and high reading Alarm
    • Inbuilt Calibration Facility
    • Selectable measurement units – mm or inch
    • Ability to store Thickness readings in one of standard file formats – Incremental, Sequential, Sequential with Custom point, 2-D grid


    ** Other Probes designs – Straight and Right Angles available on request

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