Bottle Thickness Testing Machine with Magna-Mike 8600

Bottle Thickness Testing Machine with Magna-Mike 8600

Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 is the leading bottle thickness testing machine which works on the principle of Hall Effect. It is a compact and light weighted testing instruments precisely designed to conduct accurate and faster evaluation of PET bottle, titanium, aluminium, composites, glass, plastics, and other non-magnetic materials.

Generally, the wall thickness is evaluated by resting a magnetic probe on one surface of the testing material and a tiny steel target, like a wire, disk or ball, on the opposite surface. The thickness tester can precisely compute the distance between the target and the probe tip, equating to the wall thickness.

Thickness Testing of Non-Magnetic Materials

Hall Effect gauges can successfully evaluate the thickness of non-magnetic materials such as a bottle, other plastic products, ceramics etc. The product which permits the resting of a probe tip and a small steel ball on either surface of the wall can be calculated for thickness. Calculation precision can be near around +/- 1% of wall thickness and is +/- 3% or better.

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Working of thickness gauge

A thickness sensor is an advanced electronic semiconductor which reacts to modifications in a magnetic field by changing a voltage coming across its surface when an electric current travels through it.

For Magna-Mike 8600, the thickness sensor is installed within a tiny probe along with a powerful magnet. This magnet develops a magnetic field surrounding the sensor. When the thickness of the testing material varies from the distance between the probe and the target, the voltage over the sensor also alters. Post target & probe calibration, a software algorithm is utilized to transform these voltage variations into thickness recordings. This algorithm utilizes an established calibration curve for the same. To be specific, these gauges compute the distance between the target and the probe tip which eventually leads to the generation of wall thickness measurement. Hence, it is really important to keep the target and the probe closer to the testing surface and take care of its alignment too.

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