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Give Your Pet Bottles Best Quality And Strength With Magnamike 8600

The PET bottles are widely used in various industries for a variety of purposes. The main usage of PET bottles is for packaging of liquid items such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, beverages, etc. The manufacturers of these products need to provide their consumers the best quality products with the best hygiene. The packaging of these products has a great role in maintaining the best quality of products by keeping them safe and unaffected by any external effect. It is the duty of the manufacturers of the PET bottles to make sure that the bottles provided to the client are of best strength and quality so that they can offer the best safety to the products.

The wall thickness of the PET bottles has a significant effect on the strength of the PET bottles. It is important to ensure uniform thickness of the walls of the PET bottles so that it could be guaranteed that bottles are able to provide the best safety to the products that are packaged in the bottles. The MagnaMike 8600 is a testing instrument that is used for measuring the wall thickness of PET bottles in a non-destructive manner. The working of this wall thickness gauge is based on the hall’s effect.

Presto is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wall thickness gauges that are used by PET industries for quality assurance purposes. The MagnaMike 8600 is one such wall thickness gauge offered by Presto that offers highly accurate measurements and is in compliance with all the international standards. For more information please visit MagnaMike 8600.

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