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Water Bath Digital-Touch Screen

PWBD 235 Prima

Water Bath Touch Screen (Prima Series) is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time. Under such test conditions, the material behaviour is noted and analysed. It is widely used in microbiology labs for the sterilization process.

The water bath comes with a motorized stirrer for maintaining uniform conditions during the test. HMI based touchscreen display installed for an advanced user-friendly experience. The testing parameter can be selected and set as per requirements using the display screen. Water draining facility provided. An accuracy can be assured throughout the test with temperature maintenance by PT 100 sensors. In-built calibration facility available with the machine for assuring accuracy in the test. Test results can be taken through USB portal.

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    • Inner size: L 455 x W 455 x H 455 mm
    • Display: HMI based touchscreen
    • Accuracy: ± 2°C
    • Least Count/Resolution: 1°C
    • Power: 15A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Water circulation motor type: Stirrer Motor
    • Water drain: 1/4 ball valve
    • Temperature Range: Up to 90°C
    • Heater: 1.5 Kw x 2 nos.
    • Communication port: USB

    • Highly accurate test results under uniform temperature in the chamber
    • Advanced microprocessor based PID temperature module
    • Provision of Set Value (SV) and Process Value(PV) on temperature display
    • HMI based touchscreen display
    • Equipped with rapid heaters for uniform and homogenous heating and maintaining temperature inside the chamber
    • Integral water drain system
    • Inbuilt Calibration feature with reference to master PID controller
    • Setting to RTD PT-100 sensor through advanced PID controller
    • Stirrer motor for precise stirring of sample inside the tank and for uniformity of temperature
    • Speed regulator for controlling the speed of stirrer
    • USB port to data record


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