How does Wall Thickness Gauge help in Non-Destructive Tests?

How does Wall Thickness Gauge help in Non-Destructive Tests?

In PET industry, quality checking is a crucial point as it is a form of packaging and is meant to keep the contents safe. Durability is utmost important. To check the durability different tests are performed and one of them is thickness measurement. Uniform thickness distribution is important to avoid any weak points in the structure. There are destructive and non-destructive tests performed to check the uniform thickness distribution of the bottle. However, non-destructive tests (NDT) are preferred so that multiple tests can perform on the same specimen. Magnamike 8600 is used to check the thickness of the bottle without destructing the sample.

MagnaMike 8600

It is a wall thickness gauge that works on the hall effect principle. It has a probe and a target ball. To check the thickness, the probe scans the surface of the bottle. Due to the magnetic effect of the tip, the target ball moves in a sync with the probe tip. The distance between the tip and the ball is measured by the hall effect sensor and converted into electrical signal. This signal is processed by the system and displayed on the screen. Simply put, the distance between the tip of the probe and target ball is measured as the thickness of the bottle.

For crucial areas, where the ball doesn’t give accurate results, target wire or disk can be used. In grooves like airbag tear seams, target disk can be used. In turbine shafts, target wire can be used. It is a perfect device for measuring the thickness of non-ferrous surfaces, like, leather, PET, plastic, non-ferrous alloys.

SOP for measuring thickness of the bottle

  1. To measure the thickness of the bottle, the ball is the most preferred target.
  2. The ball is placed inside the bottle and cap is placed back tightly.
  3. To get the accurate test results, you can do the demarcation of the bottle into multiple sections using a pen.
  4. The sections can be made horizontally or vertically or combination of both. Start scanning the tip from one end to the other.
  5. As you start scanning, the reading will start displaying on the large screen.
  6. It is very important to keep the bottle stable while observing.
  7. In order to capture the readings, the foot switch can be used that comes as an optional accessory with MagnaMike 8600.
  8. It allows computer connectivity and data can be easily transferred to the computer in spreadsheet format.

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