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PTH : Programmable Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

PTH - 225

Programmable Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber is utilized in a wide variety of industries for evaluating product’s behaviour under extreme environmental conditions including humidity and temperature. Specimen such as final product, any part or component or raw material can be selected for testing in this chamber.

The chamber is designed to generate an artificial environmental condition inside for testing the resistance of products towards harsh weathering conditions. The machine allows the setting of temperature and humidity as per the requirement and also the duration of test can be set using the programming software. Compared to real-life testing the humidity and temperature chamber can deliver a faster assessment and further the products quality can be categorized accordingly.

Most common applications include electronic gadgets, home appliances, batteries, plastics, polymers, F&B-Packages, paper products, automobiles, automobile components, metals, building materials, consumer-durables, defence equipment, aerospace, etc.

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    • Internal space – W*D*H= 500*750*600mm, 225 Lit.
    • Temperature range – -40℃~ +150℃
    • Temperature uniformity – ≤2℃ (empty chamber)
    • Temperature fluctuation – ±1℃ (empty chamber)
    • Humidity range – 20% ~ 98%RH
    • Humidity uniformity – ±3 %RH
    • Humidity fluctuation – ±2%
    • Cooling Ramp rate – 0.7~0℃/min
    • Heating Ramp rate – 1.0~0℃/min
    • Cycle program Max. – 999 cycles
    • Communication – USB

    • Deliver faster and precise product assessment within a controlled environmental conditions.
    • The testing equipment complies with global testing standards.
    • Highly advanced features help is delivering smooth operations.
    • Hi-tech Touchscreen display for setting testing parameters without any hassle.
    • Live testing data can be observed with the touchscreen display
    • Temperature vs cycle graph can be generated on display screen.
    • The data can be obtained through USB portal

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