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Colour Matching Cabinet – Spectrum Asia

Spectrum I -(Asia)

Presto’s Colour Matching Cabinet is used mainly in manufacturing units and laboratories where it is essential to maintain quality and colour consistency of a product. The testing instrument provides an identical environment for visual assessment and evaluation of colour Under controlled lightening conditions.

Colours look different under different lightening conditions. When one uses a colour matching cabinet, it helps in making the clear difference Between the test specimen and Master sample. Presto’s colour matching cabinet is equipped with amazing enclosure for visual inspection of colours of garments, textiles, fabrics, clothes, leathers, etc. The colour testing instrument has accurately matched a material under standard different and required light sources by diminishing the interference of external lights.

The Presto’s Colour Matching Cabinet is used for visual assessment of colour under standard lights, namely D Light,TFL , TL – 84, UVB, CWF Light. The testing instrument is highly recommended for yarn, plant, a garment manufacturer, fabric dyeing manufacturers, and exporters.

Metamerism is a phenomenon wherein the samples are matching in one light supply but appear different when observed under another source. In such conditions, Presto’s Colour matching cabinet is highly beneficial to use. The laboratory equipment is used mainly for observing Colour consistency in paint and plating, textile and yarn industries to judge their products and plating, textile and yarn and various other coloured products to judge their colour consistency. The testing machine ensures accurate, closer and faster colour matching. It is thus used universally for decades.

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  • Sample estimation can be carried out in five different lights:

    • D65, Artificial daylight – D65 also known as Verivide daylight. It is a standard illuminant commonly used to represent average daylight and has allied colour temperature of 6500K.
    • Tungsten filament or TFL light – TFL is incandescent light with a colour temperature ranging from 2300K to 2800K. These are soft milky white bulbs provided in the instrument. Tungsten is a metal of grayish white colour that maintains solid room temperature. It has the highest melting point of 6170 degree Fahrenheit.
    • Cool White Florescent (CWF) light – It is as per the American standard. It is illustrated by producing high quantity of green energy, with a colour temperature of approx. 4100K.
    • UV black light – It is also known as Ultraviolet light or UV-A light. The light emits long ultraviolet rays that do not have much visible brightness.
    • Triphosphor Fluorescent light, TL – 84 – It is characterized by emitting high amounts of green light with a colour temperature of approx. 4000K.

    • Provides accurate, closer and faster results.
    • Easy to operate and can be set up in a short span of time.
    • The machine is equipped with individual switch for every light.
    • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
    • Wide Viewing Area
    • High-Quality Light sources used.
    • The instrument is also equipped with time totalizer/hour meter for recording to total no. of hours run for lights.

    Standards :

    • ASTM D1729
    • BS 950
    • DIN 6173

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