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Puncture Resistance Tester


Puncture Resistance Tester is a consistent tool useful to determine the resistance to puncture of paper and paperboard. Puncture Resistance Tester is used to measure the resistance of paper, paperboard and other similar materials when subjected to puncture and determination of absorbed energy.

Puncture resistance is a measurement of the maximum energy or force required to penetrate an object. This kind of biaxial tension is seen in packaging films while packing hard protrusion such as frozen vegetables and dry foods.

Presto’s Puncture Resistance tester is an exceptional packaging detection instrument used to determine puncture resistance of paper & packaging materials. Anti-puncture is an important parameter that determines the quality of various materials from thin paper to thick boards.

The paper boards or corrugated box may get a force from the pointed corner of any object during transportation and handling. The same effect is emitted by the puncture resistant testing instrument. The superior the quality of a corrugated box replicates its superior resistance value.

Puncture Resistance testing instrument is widely used to detect packaging and puncture resistance of paper materials. To operate the machine, the test specimen is placed between the holders on a fixture and penetrated with the help of a pendulum that can be released from a position of 90 Degree. Point the head of the pendulum in a pyramid shape. To specify the different scales, different weights are provided in the pendulum. A pointer is also affixed on the pendulum, which provides accurate readings on a calibrated scale.

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    • It provides the results in kilogram force per cm or Joule
      • Energy Range of Weights: 6, 12, 24, 48 J
      • Accuracy: ± 2% within entire range.
      • Release angle of Pendulum: 90º
      • Display: LED (Digital)
      • Power: 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase

    Related Standards

    IS 4006 1987 (Part-II).

    • The testing instrument provides accurate and reliable results.
    • It has an open structure that helps to perform the easy
    • The laboratory equipment delivers fast compression, operating security and automatic reset system.
    • High-Quality rugged structure with corrosion resistant main body
    • Microprocessor based display for accurate test results
    • Display for impact/absorbed energy and angle of test specimen
    • Single handed hassle free operation
    • Highly accurate test results under impact forces
    • Strong gripping fixtures for holding test samples.
    • Oscillatory Pendulum release mechanism
    • Bright LED display
    • Puncture Headcollar with soft adjustment to puncture head base
    • Inbuilt calibration facility
    • Feather touch controls

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